Monday, 12 July 2010

This was a recent collaborative effort but still a draft...

Soft Day surveys the silken ribbon’s final trail of light

And mourns the inevitable call of Night's alluring charm

The virgin resolve undeterred now as fingers of darkness

begin to trace the stars across the streaked and barren sky

Rebellious shadows move closer, the whispers of engulfing dark

the shameful liaison appeased by the familiar velvet caress

Yearning hands part the firmness of light's faded

lines and encroach upon the space hard and taut beneath

The patrolling moon surveys the now familiar scene

with a seductive wink that closes in a breathless sigh

The seeming slightest touch and the barely quivering clouds

Enough to provoke excitement in his cold and distant loins

At last! She falls and her capitulation welcomes chaos plunging in

The smooth and silken filament frayed by thrusts

of liquescent gold that darkens in the overpowering stream

And disappears behind the crimson sinful thread of maiden’s blood


  1. It's good to meet you, Mariana. Although I'm not a Shakespeare buff, I'm interested in most things literary.
    I enjoy your efforts here. Otherworldly charm.

  2. Elisabeth,

    It's good to meet you too! Thank you! Am trying to develop my own literary skills and whilst I wouldn't consider myself a Shakespeare buff either I do love him and the poetry! What is your particular area of interest?