Friday, 27 August 2010

Lett ers

Words at best insubstantial

Leave me without meaning

Wandering again through nouns, adjectives and verbs

The concept just more intellectual preening

I’m trapped in the alphabet

Lost in the first sub clause

Feelings hidden by the obscurity of verse

More power betrayed in the ever silent pause

The lack of expression

In even the softest glances

Fleeting touches, perhaps misconstrued

Inarticulate in my desire for you

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Odd Phrases - not happy with this yet though.

Butterflies – seems an odd choice to describe it

That feeling that you will never settle again

The restlessness and the excitement and the pain

Because it is not delicate, like the wings that flutter

Because it is not beautiful, like the patterns that swirl

Because it is not drawn to flowers, or nectar, or sunshine

But it does make you feel alive. And I have just come out from my cocoon.

A little bird – seems an odd choice to describe it

That feeling of knowing something you shouldn’t

The secrecy and the superiority and the surprise

Because it doesn’t chirp a friendly good morning

Because it doesn’t fly away into a distant blue sky

Because it doesn’t converse in a language you can’t understand

But it is a form of communication. And from this I always learn.