Thursday, 15 July 2010

Heathcliff? Hero or Villain?


I am bound to come back to this over and over and over again because Wuthering Heights is my favourite novel. Just wondered about the general consensus on Heathcliff. Several questions;

1. Does he really wish he'd dropped Hareton?

2. Is his treatment of Isabella softened by Bronte's depiction of her as an idiot?

3. Does he commit necrophilia with Cathy's body?

4. Does the fact that he gives up on causing destruction towards the end means he is softened by Hareton and Cathy's relationship?

5. Does he cause Cathy's ghost to haunt the moor by his complaint at her death?

What do people think?

This is and always be my novel for making me feel better - if you've never read it, do so now, borrow my copy! Seriously... xxx

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