Friday, 9 July 2010

Getting Started

Essentially this is the opportunity for me to stop boring the people who would like to stay my friends and invoke literary discussion from the wider world (and implicitly within that some people who like poetry.) I feel there are important questions to be answered, such as:

1. Why did Shakespeare feel the need to include Pirates in Hamlet and then not allow us to see them?

2. Where was Byron in Stoppard's Arcadia?

3. Did Marlowe really try to put a dragon on stage in Dr. Faustus and if not, can we try?

4. Does anyone actually want Offred to escape at the end of Handmaid's Tale?

5. What was the curse in The Lady of Shalott?

6. Why in the world did Julia want to sleep with Winston in 1984?

7. What was the response of Duffy's lover to being presented with an onion?

8. Did Heathcliff kill Hindley? And why does that mean we don't love him any less?

9. Why did Stoker kill off the most charismatic character in Dracula? And how was it so easy?

10. Does anyone find Chaucer funny?

This is just to start with... thoughts?

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